Mater Dei Pastoral Centre is distinguished by a spirit of serenity and tranquillity, graced with kindness and hospitality. We welcome you to experience the perfect balance of inner and outer beauty, a place where you can simply be, where intuition and wisdom flow.

Situated on a beautiful farm of 100 hectares and surrounded by majestic mountains, the Centre offers unique accommodation facilities for groups who want to do workshops, conferences, trainings, retreats and youth camps. The place feels completely removed from the business of city life and distractions and is surrounded by an atmosphere of natural beauty, peacefulness and quietude. Amid trees and mountains our Centre provides space for meditation and reflection, healing and transformation, rest and rejuvenation.

Mater Dei Pastoral Centre is located along R 101 road between Mokopane and Mookgopong towns in Limpopo Province. The distance from Johannesburg to this Centre is about 250 kms. Polokwane city is about 95 kms from here. This Pastoral and Retreat Centre is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Polokwane.

From 2008, the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) of Botswana Province is given the responsibilities to run and manage the Centre and the Farm. Fr. Sunny John SVD is the director of the Centre from 2008. Bro. Raul Santos SVD is the administrator and Bro. Jan Potyka SVD is in charge of the Farm. Miss Hilda Mmaleshokwane Seloga is the office Secretary.

The Centre provides programs and support services that nurture the pastoral well being of our parishes so that our communities may more fully experience and live to the Gospel of Christ. It serves as a resource for individuals, communities and parishes in their human and faith development Some of the programs include regular Bible courses, Formation courses and training the Catechists, people to serve as Ministers of the Word, Ministers of the Eucharist and Funeral Leaders.

We do organize regular on-going formation courses for the Bible students, catechists, lay minsters and parish/diocesan pastoral council members. Throughout the year there are retreats conducted here for various sodalities in the parishes and diocese. We have also retreats here for the children who prepare themselves to receive the sacrament of Confirmation.

Every year in June, during school holidays we organize a retreat for one full week for Religious and Lay People together. We welcome priests, religious brothers and sisters who would want personal or guided retreat at our Centre. We also provide retreat facilities and guidance for the married couples and families.

The original idea of this Pastoral Centre was to cater for the various pastoral needs of the clergy and the lay people of Polokwane diocese. But since this place is fully developed in to a big Pastoral Centre with lot of facilities for accommodation and conferences we welcome any groups and organizations to make use of our place for their conferences/trainings and retreats etc.